CIRA, the Italian Aerospace Research Centre, is a private-public company located in Capua, Campania. Its shareholders include the National Research Council (as the majority shareholder), local entities and Italian aerospace industries.
The Italian Government has entrusted CIRA with the implementation and management of the National Aerospace Research Program (PRO.R.A.). This program has enabled CIRA to develop outstanding aerospace research infrastructures and scientific expertise, establishing it as an internationally recognized and highly regarded center of excellence in aeronautical and space disciplines.
The definition of other ambitious programs contained in the new PRO.R.A. (approved in 2020), marks the beginning of a multi-year cycle made of strategic research and technological development projects and new laboratories and test facilities which will contribute to give competitiveness and excellence to the national economic system.
CIRA’s new scientific and technological offer will involve important developments in the field of sustainable and safe air transport, advanced air mobility, innovative propulsion systems, access to and exploration of space, environmental monitoring.