Submission guidelines

Please submit your abstract before 1 January 2024 15 January 2024

Authors are invited to pay careful attention to the presentation and content of their abstract. Knowing that there are more candidates than possible presentations, paper selection for the ICAS Congress is based on the quality of the abstract. Some important criteria for the abstract to be selected are scientific/technical content, importance to the field, style/clarity, and completeness. There is no required format, or suggested template, for the abstract.

Abstracts must be written in English. They should be written concisely and they must include a title for the proposed paper and the name and affiliation of the authors. The abstract must be an extended abstract or draft manuscript with a minimum of 1,000 words. The submission should include sufficient detail to demonstrate the purpose of the paper, the technical foundation for the topics to be discussed, any preliminary results to date, and the expected results of the final paper, including key figures, equations, tables, and references, as appropriate. Sufficient information should be included in the submission to convince the ICAS Program Committee that, besides the scientific/technical value of the proposed paper, the author(s) will have a strong likelihood of completing the work by the final manuscript submission deadline.

Your abstract should also include author name, affiliation, complete mailing address, telephone number and email address. Due to limited space, only the first three authors will be shown in the final program. However, all authors should be included in the paper. Moreover, authors should adhere to the good practices in the writing of technical papers, such that only those directly involved with creation of the material should be listed as authors. Please use acknowledgements otherwise.

At the uploading of your abstract, you should indicate if your paper is intended as an oral or as an interactive presentation. Furthermore, it should be indicated if your paper qualifies as a student paper. Please note the details for the student paper submission on the upload page. When uploading your abstract, you will be requested to also upload a very short summary to be used in the Congress final program. This should contain a maximum of 50 words. Please indicate for which ICAS topic area the proposed paper is intended.