SmartUp Engineering

SmartUp Engineering s.r.l. is a startup born from the experience of aerospace engineers from the University of Naples “Federico II.” The company aims to meet the specific needs of companies and research institutions in the aerospace and industrial fields.

SmartUp Engineering combines a smart approach to engineering solutions, linking their aeronautical background to market requirements. Their solid expertise in aircraft design enables them to offer services and products for advanced engineering sectors, including aerodynamic design and analysis, software development, flight simulation, and experimental tests.

The main areas of expertise of SmartUp Engineering include:

  • Software development for scientific applications.
  • Support for the design, development and testing of innovative platforms for aerial, maritime and land applications.
  • Innovative technologies in the industrial field.


A flagship product of SmartUp Engineering is the JPAD Modeller®, a knowledge-based aircraft modeling software designed to accelerate preliminary aircraft design workflows.  It provides an efficient pre-processor for various software tools typically used during conceptual and preliminary aircraft design studies.

With a versatile background and strong engineering capabilities, the SmartUp team offers diverse solutions across multiple sectors, supporting clients from the design of new aircraft to the assembly and testing of prototypes, ensuring comprehensive assistance throughout the entire testing process.